Power Supply trouble



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I bought this monster of a system ALL SCSI CD-R voodoo2 you know the deal. Anyway i got all the stuff and when i put the board and chip and RAM in the power led on the board never lit up and never booted the fan never even spun! So I dug out the ye ol' multimeter and got the correct readings on some pins of the ATX power connector and none on the others. Due to my lack of use with multimeter I am not sure if the ps is bad but i sent it back anyway and hope to et a working one back!! Anyone else have a problem like this..MY MB is a Supermicro P6SBS


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Ya, I had the same problem.
Make sure the the black wires on the power leds to the mother board are next to each other.
EX:red-blue-green-black then the 2nd black green-blue-red.

For some odd reason nothing will work, including the fan. Probly something with low voltage when they are reversed.

If I didn't explain this very well let me know. E-mail me. I guess I could try and draw a picture in ms paint. warning: I suck at drawing pictures.

OH yea, If you are using a voltmeter on a power supply with the power on. Make sure it is set to DC not AC.


You can test the power supply. Unplug the power from the socket-of course. Disconnect the power from the motherboard and all drives except the floppy. Get a paper clip, open it and short pins 14 and 5 on the ATX P1 connector that normally goes to the motherboard. (Pin 14 is power on and 5 is a ground). Hold the connector by the wires, plug in the power cable and..if the power comes up, its not the power supply, if not, well get out a shovel and bury it.
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I got a new power supply the thing was dead(good old multimeter) then i got to install windows and it kept crashing!!! Stupid SUWIN errors so i talked to people and figured it was the CPU so i sent it back and am waiting for a new one should be here Wed. or Thurs. Hopefully this will work!!!