Power supply in a mini-itx chassis makes noise



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I have bought this chassis with a power supply integrated, and it makes a lot of noise for me (as much as the old big desktop chassis). The noise comes from the power supply and its an uninterrupted "breathing/blowing" noise. Here you have some specs of the power supply.

1. Do the power supplies make noise?
2. How to know if a power supply will make noise?
3. I'm looking for a power supply that doesn't make noise, do you know one for mini-itx?
4. Laptops dont make too much noise, what should i do to get a mini-itx as silent as a laptop?

I have a EVGA Z77 Stinger, an Intel 3570k and 16 Gb of memory.




May be due to the quality of the fan used in the power supply
Power supply is not really up to the task.

Seasonic is generally a good brand to use.
You can calculate the requirements of a power supply, LINK


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PSU's for a mini-ITX are usually noisy because they use small and higher speed fans of necessity. Some of them will be a small form factor known as SFX; others might be proprietary. Seasonic makes an SFX psu and there is an Allied SFX used in an Apex mini-ITX case that SPCR found "surprisingly quiet." I seem to recall reports of some of the Allied units dying within a year or so.
Your other option is known as a "pico psu." This uses a laptop style external psu brick and an adapter board to go inside the computer case. The adapter board has the outputs for the motherboard and drives. You can find info and a several years old test at SPCR, link below in my sig. A pico psu would be dead quiet but more expensive and harder to find.