Power supply fan



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I had a power supply that went bad, so I decided that it would be prudent to use the exhaust fan as an extra case fan (can't have too many, right?). Well I got it out of the p/s, but I'm not sure how I'm going to power it. I have used up all of my motherboard fan power connections, but it wouldn't matter anyway since it's a two pin fan, not three as all of my case fans are. Anyway, my question is this: Can I splice the red/black wires from the power supply fan into the red/black wires of a case fan I'm currently using? It's a .16A fan, so I wasn't sure that the connector on the motherboard would be able to handle the demand practically doubling. Any clues? Thanks in advance.


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sure.they are rated like .18 amps usually and the wires are rated at 3.0 so should be no prob.