Power Supply and CD Drive


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I just got some stuff in and being the first timer I am, I am quite paranoid. My mobo hasn't come yet, so I want to make sure my stuff works. On my power supply, there is a switch. WHen I plug the supply into the wall and turn it on, the fan doesn't run. Is that because it is partially mobo controlled and therefore won't work?

Also, my CD ROM drive sounds like something is rattling inside. It was new out of the box. I can't get it to fall out of the opening in the back, so I thought maybe it was part of the laser mechinism moving or something. I tried to open the door with a paper clip but that didn't work either.

Help! Mobo's don't take 7 days to ship from Utah to Pennsylvnia!!


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Try and relax a little bit... I'm sure everything's okay. When you finally put everything together you'll be glad you were patient in the beginning.

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Where in PA? I'm in the northeast.

All ATX power supplies are controlled by a signal from the motherboard so you are right in assuming that the fan will not turn on without the m/b.

As far as the CD-ROM rattle, I have an older 12X drive that also rattles when you shake it. It must be part of the laser mechanism, so do not worry about it, unless you install it and it does not work at all. Then return it.

Rainbow Six

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Thanks, guys. I feel a lot better now. I guess I was over reacting, but hardware is by no means cheap!

BTW, near Pittsburgh is where I am.


Rainbow Six

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Oh yea. I got most of the stuff at a convention. I was careful, but I'm afraid it will be a major hassle returning stuff. On a side note, I bought an IBM 100Meg hard drive for a dollar!