Power-on Problem


krishna sahai

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Computer Sony Laptop(model PCG-FX140,Serial#T62M159.00,Pentium !!!,Windows XP) was kept powered-on but the screen/lid was closed and left connected to a surge protector strip to which some musical band instruments were also connected. Computer was set to "Laptop" in Power Management Window.Computer was not used. After several hours, it was brought back to office,power-on switch pressed to start as "Press any key" did not light up screen. Computer looked normal and even connected to internet but a warning on screen said:Battery critically low. After a few seconds it said:Battery power 0% and the screen became dark. Since then computer is dead. On pressing Power-on switch even power indicator LED does not glow. Voltage at the plug that goes into DC power jack on computer is correct,19.5V.It seems surge from musical instruments damaged power line in computer and battery had taken over at some point of time.Please advise.


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You might get lucky by removing the battery for a while, then trying to start the laptop off power only, then re-inserting the battery. Sounds unlikely but I've seen it work once or twice.

If you've damaged the power input, it's likely to be a real expensive repair if the laptop's out of warranty.