Power on Password on my Compaq NC 6230



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Dear all,

I have HP Compaq NC 6230 Laptop
About 2 weeks ago i changes my BIOS password and forgot to write it down.
Now i forgot my password and when i turn on my computer i have "Power ON Password" menu.
i opened my computer and removed the RTC battery for a very long time Unsuccessfully , my darling is still locked.

Please help me to open my Laptop.


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I went to http://support.hp.com. I was able to view the maintenance and service manual for the NC6230. You said you removed the RTC battery, but try again following these steps:

1. Remove the battery pack from the laptop.
2. Remove the real-time clock (RTC) battery
3. Wait approximately 5 minutes.
4. Replace the RTC battery and reassemble the computer. Do not put the battery pack back in yet.
5.Connect AC power to the computer.
6.Turn on the computer. All passwords and all CMOS settings have been cleared.

Let me know if this works.