Post your laptop Picts here.



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To break in the new forum lets get it started by posting your Laptop Picts:D

I will Start. :)



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Here we go... An IBM R50e with 512MB of RAM and an 80GB Hard Disk. Processor is a Pentium M 1.8GHz. The only depressing thing about it that I failed to realize is that the maximum resolution is only 1026 X 768. I wanted something with a higher resolution but it slipped my mind. :)



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Fujitsu-Siemens ST5010 Tablet, 1Ghz ULV Pentium M (Banias), 512mb RAM, 40gb HDD, Intel Extreme :)


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My iBook:


That cool backlit Apple logo


12.1" TFT
1.0GHz G4
768MB PC2100
Mobility Radeon 9200 32mb
40GB 7200RPM drive (I added this myself)
DVDrom/CDRW (called "combo drive" by Apple)
802.11g wireless (called Airport Extreme)
4.2lbs :)

It goes about 4 to 4.5 hours on a charge, and is actually good enough to play Halo at 640x480 with settings reduced. My primary use for it is portability and 2D tasks. I have Office 2004 installed, so work compatibility isn't an issue on it, since my company runs very few things outside of MS office. The fan inside is basically silent, as about the only thing I hear is the hard drive. I'm not sure if the 7200rpm drive is a good idea, but I don't have a 5400rpm drive around instead. Oh well, it has a vent.

What I like most about OSX 10.4 (Tiger) is how fast it finds hotspots and connects to them. Just today, I went to someone's house for the first time. I had the google map available in safari already for reference. When I got close, I flipped open the iBook to bring it out of sleep, only to see that it had found 3 available wireless networks in the area already! It can connect to any one of them in 3-4 seconds--though I wouldn't know anything about doing something like that... ;)


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sorry for the small picture, this was back when it was only a couple of months old.

IBM Thinkpad T21
Intel PIII-M 800MHz
256MB Ram
14.1" 1024X768 LCD

its not doing too good after my sister managed to stand on it :( and the monitor keeps just going white! i think it might just be the connector to the motherboard as when you hit it it comes back on so i'll have to strip it and if i get no where then its time for a new one (not sure if thats good or bad :):()


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Here's my Asus. Bit of a brick, but I don't travel all that often and it was relatively cheap for the spec.



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HP NC6000 its a 1.5Ghz Banias, 512MB, 40GB 8MB Fujitsu :),14" XGA, MR9600 (64bit) and now Ricoh DVD-RW equiped lappy (took some ingenuity to get it to fit into the Multibay, but it was well worth it, becouse HP wanted $350 :eek: for LG DVD-RW)

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here is my Ibm Thinkpad T20/21 customized

here are some pics of it still working on it will be finished soon.I am cureently putting all the parts togeather.

Heres when it was stock:



After Painted



Left Side

Right Side


Inside 1


Let Me Know what u guys and girls think.


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hahaha thats tacky as hell man, i like it. thats a lot of work to do that, how many screws did you lose?


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Must make it harder to steal, but difficult to keep yours inconspicuous. Wonder which prevails.


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i didnt lose any screws.the key is to be really was simple to take the ibm thinkpad i the only guy who did this to there laptop?
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Wife's lappy I just got her for college. Nothing special, but got a great price on it with a free case and wireless mouse. She's quite happy with it and that's all that matters. ;)

Got the pics off the retailers website, to lazy to go up stairs, pull it out of her case, grab my diggy and take actual pics. It looks just like the pics below. :D



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edhe62 said:
Here's a pic of my youngest daughters core 2 duo. It's a sweet little machine!!
I think my sister has the same laptop. Did you get it at Walmart?