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You decide to hold a LAN party and you have 16 high performance computers. Name 3 games you want to play.

Starcraft: Broodwars (8FFA, 4X4, 2X2X2X2)
Unreal Tournament (FFA, Teams)
HalfLife & Counterstrike & TFC (FFA, Teams)



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Delta Force bay-beeeee!!

...or TeamFortress... the original Q1... not the HL "Classic" crap...


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The only one i've acyually played at a LAN party is UT and it's a blast. We did have 16 HP PC's there and a table full of food and soda's. Lasted almost alnight, what a blast.

I like NFS and would like to try that at a LAN party.

And has anyone tried the lastest version of Strike Force? It's based on the UT engine and operates alot like Counter Strike, execpt alot more life like. When you run you tire and slow down, when your hit you wounds slow you down accordingly. No more bunny hop jumping after one hop your heart rate goes up alittle and your next jump wont be as high and you tire alittle. It's a huge download for us dial-up smucks 104MB. It's worth it IMO.

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definetly Unreal Tournament
StarCraft Brood Wars
Half-Life Counterstrike
Quake 3 Arena

All of those games are bad ass in multiplayer with some friends.

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The DreameR

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Quake 3 Arena,
Quake 3 Arena and more
Quake 3 Arena

human was the music
natural was the static.....


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Dark Reign 2
Delta Force 2
Tiberian Sun

But, since EVERYONE I know has HL, that would be choice.


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16 high performance computers? I choose Arcade Volleyball.

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