Poll: Who owns or will own a dreamcast?



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I played one for the first time the other day and they seriously rock. I don't understand all the criticism they have recieved. The graphics beat the pants off my TNT2, and the games I played were great fun.


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I'm still not sure. I work at a software store, and we have had it for a while, and you're right, the graphics are amazing.

I'm just not sure if I want to dive into the console market again. I have N64 and Playstation which sit dusty and unplayed...

my two cents


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I'm thinking about it. Maybe I'll ask for one for Christmas. Ever since the 16-Bit Genesis I've loved Sega (not that I haven't loved Nintendo or Sony either) I guess I like pulling for the underdog and that's what Sega is now in the home market. Plus does anyone remember all the cool tv adds Sega use to have. They were almost as good as Beer adds