Plexwriter 24/10/40... damn loud!!!!



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yeah... the topic explains... is it supposed to be this loud?? the sound doesen't really bother me... it's damn fast!!!!!

I got it yesterday and i have burned a lot of cd's with it... i love it!

Cant wait until i get my hands om the new 40x Plexwriter! Or maybe one of theese new 2GB cd burners!!!


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wd-40 is a mechanical lubricant, and not something i would put near a new cd-rw, personally

is it the fan on the plexiwriter that making the noise? my yamaha 16-10-40 is damn noisy 'cause of that


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Of all things! a Plexwriter, loud!? These things have specially designed suspension systems addressed specifically to lower noise. Compare it to a 52x CD or something . . . The only thing that could compare would be Kenwood's TrueX line. . .
(maybe im saying all of this because i have a plexwriter and i luv it!!!