please tell me your quake 3 fps



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i have been testing my system on quake 3, i usually get between 33-36 fps on demo #1. I would like to know what some of you quys with high-end systems are getting on quake 3.

my system: soyo 5ema+ v1.1, 128 mb pc100, amd k6-2 500, voodoo3 3000, UDMA-33 HD & CD-ROM.


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This is an old posting of mine as I'm stability testing another CPU a present (PIII 450 @ 600). The below results are with a 700E @ 988 although not with the latest drivers It should give you some idea.

"With full details, triliner, lightmap, 32t high detail, and texture slider down one notch (how I play it)

Demo 1

117.0fps 640x480 32c

110.9fps 800x600 16c

102.2fps 800x600 32C

Resoulition I play in

96.8fps 1024x768 32c


PIII 700Mhz @ 988Mhz (7x140fsb @ 1.75v)
Abit BF6
256mb Mushkin PC133
Geforce 256 Annihilator Pro DDR (365/165)
Soundblaster Live
Wyn Doze 98 SE
(300Watt P\S)

Alpha 3125 with 80 watt peltier @ 10.6 volts with a shit load of large fans,(I've lost count) ....CPU -3C to 3C....Sys 24C to 26C....Geforce 18C to 24C (peltier, Alpha & ram heatsinks)

The above done with beta 3.76 Detonators not tried with 5.13 yet


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Hey Charlie I happen to have one system in the house almost just like yours (hmm weren't you the person who told me that before??) Here's the specs

AMD K-6 2 500mhz
Soyo 5EHM Mobo
Voodoo 3 2000

Q3A- Normal 34.7 fps / 49.1 fps game options off

AMD K-6 2 504 (4.5x112)
Q3A- Normal 38.3 fps / 52.8 fps game options off

Overlcocking Voodoo 3 2000 to 170mhz gives 1-2fps increase


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Ive got a 500mhz p3, 96megs, pc100 ram, v3 2000, maxtor 5400 rpm hd .... my fps are around 70 in 800 x 600 , i play in 640 usally and get about 80 on demo1


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I have a cheapo TNT2 32Meg card, but i can still maintain a good framerate of about 80FPS.

The key is the settings you have in 'System'.
Turn Geometric detail to Low.
Turn colour depth to 16bit.
Turn sound to low quality.
turn dynamic lighting, ejecting brass, high detail sky, marks on walls all OFF!


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My specs:
PII 400MHz @ 460MHz
128MB Toshiba PC100 SDRAM
Asus P3B-F MoBo
Creative GeForce DDR @ 130/320
Maxtor 27Gig 7200rpm hard disk
Diamond Monster MX300 sound card

1024x768x16 (how I play it)

All the settings on and all details up high.

69fps on demo001

I get about 55fps on the same settings if I enable A3D, which I do from time to time.

BTW, lunat1c, if you get 70fps at 800x600, then why do you play at 640x480? 70fps is more than playable.


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Cel 366MHz @ 577MHz
128MB PC100/133 SDRAM
Soyo 6VBA133
TnT2 Vanta 8MB AGP2X 100Mhz
Maxtor 18Gig 7200rpm hard disk
Creative Labs Live OEM

640x480 = 39.0 fps
800x600 = 32.8 fps
1024x768 = 23.7 fps

Vanta oc'ed at 108MHz:
1024x768 = 24.2 fps

Vanta oc'ed at 112MHz:
1024x768 = 24.5 fps

All benhcmarks at 16-bit color.


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Here's probably a good comparison between 2 low-cost 3D cards: The Savage4 and the Vanta chips.

Base system:
AMD K6-2 400MHz @ 450 MHz
Soyo 5EMA
64MB PC100
WD 13GB 7200RPM

Creative Labs 3D Blaster Savage 4 32MB PCI:
640x480 = 15.1 fps
800x600 = 13.5 fps
1024x768 = 10.7 fps

Visiontek TnT2 Vanta 8 MB AGP:
640x480 = 24.5 fps
800x600 = 23.8 fps
1024x768 = 21.6 fps

So it looks like the AGP TnT2 Vanta, even with just 8MB, is faster than the PCI Savage4.


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Too bad I can't benchmark my Voodoo Banshee because Quake 3 won't run on it. So I did a Wintune 98 benchmark and a "feel" benchmark between the Banshee and the Vanta.

Base system:
[email protected]
Soyo 6VBA133
128MB PC100/133
Maxtor 18GB 7200 RPM

Wintune 98 Results:
Guillemot Maxigamer Phoenix Banshee AGP1X 16MB:
Video(2D) = 63.43613 MPixels/s
Direct3D = 176.9248 MPixels/s
Visiontek TnT2 Vanta AGP2X 8MB:
Video(2D) 58.2686 MPixels/s
Direct3D 79.40532 MPixels/s

Numbers above show Banshee is faster than the Vanta.

My "feel" benchmark included my NBA Live 2000 with all 3D, lighting, details, reflections, etc. set on highest settings:
- I couldn't get a good foul shot on the Vanta because movement is jerky.
- Lines on the basketball court has jaggies on the Vanta. The option to smoothen the lines is grayed out on the Vanta.

I can only say the above 2 because they are I think what I can objectively quantify. But the general feel of the games I played (HL and NBA Live 2000) are smoother on the Banshee than the Vanta. Maybe if my Vanta had 16MB comparison with the Banshee would be more fair.

Caveat about the above benchmarks: This is my first time at benchmarking so I don't know how the pros do it. I think I have the latest drivers for both.
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Makes me feal good that I can beat a Celeron overclocked to 577 with a TNT2 (8MB Vanta). Of coarse with the Mhz they list I'm thinking it is really a TNT.

AMD K6-2 448 (112x4Mhz)
3DFX Voodoo3 2000 AGP (166Mhz)
128MB SDRAM (at75Mhz)
CL Sound Blaster PCI-128

Max everything at 1280x960 26.3 fps
Max everything at 1024x768 32.7 fps
A few tweeks (LQ sound, no ejecting brass, gibs 0) 38.6 fps
Turn off dynamic lighting and marks on walls 50.2 fps
Drop to 800x600 and low geomitry and texture slider -1 58.8 fps.

Not too shabby I'd say for this dated system.

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These demos are not good indicators of real FPS. To see that you need to run real time fps display while your playing. This will factor in AI, physics, etc. I get 18-35 on my crappy k62-500 c vodoo 3 2000


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This is kind of off topic but...

I see a few guys here have a Soyo 5EMA Mobo, do you guys know if it will take a K6-2 550?


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I have a celeron 333 on a Micronics C300 overclocked to 416. I use the TNT2 Vanta 16 meg. In 640x480 I have my geometric detail around the middle notch, and I use vertex. I use low quality sound. I get 63.4 fps in demo001.


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LaoChe, last time I checked Soyo's web site (which was quite a while ago), the 5EMA can go as high as the AMD K6-2 475MHz and AMD K6-3 400 MHz. There's a multiplier setting for 5.5, though. So in theory setting FSB to 100MHz would yield 550 MHz? I don't know, my system won't overclock higher than 450MHz -- anything higher and Win 98 freezes.