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When selling an item in this forum, it would be best to mention:

  • [*]The asking price, as we are NOT a bidding or auction site.
    [*]Links to any form of auction site(s) are forbidden.
    [*]General location. eg. City, state & country.
    [*]If you're a new member or don't have much in the way of a feedback score/reputation on this site, it may be of use to provide such information from other sites, as long as this doesn't break any of Hardware Central's rules listed in the FAQ or in this sticky.
    [*]If the intent is to trade then i see no problem in putting foward goods and leaving it up to other parties to offer something in trade,
    [*]Please state also if you are interested in both selling and trading of said goods.
    [*]Private sales ONLY.
    [*]When the item or items are sold let us know by PM us and Posting in the thread to close it.
    [*]Reminder to members, kindly refrain from thread crapping.
  • Note that option to Rate Thread is available.

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