Please HELP! Virus called "Kiev" screwewd up my HD - Data might be there, but no boot



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Yesterday, some virus killed my HD, so i can't boot, and whenever i try to access the drive from Win98 bootdisk, it says 'Incorrect drive letter'...I had everything there - my music tracks for my crew, some documents from my moom, e.t.c. I hope, the data is not lost, it's just boot and partition information lost...Is there any program ot just trick to get the drive to its normal condition? Please Help!!! I can't lose my info...


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Sounds like the CIH virus. I too was victimized. (See my post in the general section, "CIH explodes....")
It takes out your partition table and formats your drive. You'll have to redo the partition table, which means format the HD. Sorry but the data is lost!

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Hey, Amn!

Sure sorry to hear about your disaster.

[Hey, you too, Eccentric—as if you really cared about your Windoze environment!!! <LOL>]

I was wondering how important your data is to you (cash-wise). For most CIH victims, the best thing to do is to follow Eccentric's advice. However, if your data is just irreplaceable, a lot of companies, including Symantec (Norton Anti-Virus, Norton Utilities, etc) suggest their products might help you to recover the data.
Failing that, they also offer a service to recover your data for about $200-400, depending on the FAT file system you were using. [FAT16 cheaper than FAT32]

Just a thought, buddy! Hope all works out well!

PS: I'll forward an E-mail from Symantec if I can work out how to do it. There may be some tips for you.


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I had the very same problem. I dont know if it was a virus or not but my Boot Sector of my HDD was destroyed. Try this:

Get a bootdisk so that you can boot to the A: Prompt

make sure that you get a copy of FDisk.exe, it comes with windows, just hit F3, and search for it.

At the A: Prompt, type this:


This was awhile ago, but I think this the line that will restore you Boot Sector. I couldn't beleive how simple it was... MBR stands for Master Boot Records. Type FDisk /? for extra help if the line I gave you doesn't help. I hope this helps.