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I have just got a philips cd writer model cdd 4401 (i know it's old), well here is my problem, i can't erase a samsung 4x-10x re-writable cd and by the way the cd case says that only fast cd writers should be used with this cd, well my cd writer is a 4x4x32 i don't know if that is fast enough for the disc 'cause i have read that some old writers can't write on newer re- writable cds and i would like if someone could tell me what is the problem here.
is my drive too old? or there is another problem?.
I have tried nero and the windows xp cd burning program.
i have also been experiencing some windows froozing (apparently is the cd writers fault). well what can i do about that?.
will it help if i download the sp1 for windows xp?.
will it help if i install the aspi drivers?
should i update the firmware of my drive?
If so...
how do i do it?

oohh and the only time i have tried burning a regular cdr the pc froozed, i was using a a cd burning program with a dragon on it (i forgot it's name).

My system
500 mhz amd k6-2 cpu
gigabyte ga-5ax mobo (ali aladin V) (have latest drivers).
20 gb ide samsung hard drive 5400 rpm (primary master)
3.2 gb quantum fireball (primary slave)
philips cdd 4401 4x4x32 cd writer (secondary master).
128 mb pc100 sdram
16 mb tnt2 vanta agp
nero 5.5
via rhine 3 network card

this is mainly a web browsing machine.
windows xp pro


If applicable,
Update the burning software in use.
Update the firmware in use.

Instructions should be available via their respective downloads/website.