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I bought a brand new Epox 7kxa and an anthlon 700. I installed windows, and everything seemed to be going fine. About the third time I rebooted it, it wouldn't come on. The computer power was on, the fans were spinning, but my monitor just went into standby. I can't see anything which makes this really frustrating.
I've tried different ram from my other computer, i've tried taking all the cards out, i've tried the video card from my other computer, i've unplugged the floppy, and cd drives, I've taken the processor out and put it back in, i've checked the connections of all those little wires attached to the MB. I've tried another monitor... The only thing i think it could be is the MB, processor, or HD, and it being the HD doesn't make much sense to me. so, wadda ya suggest?


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Try remounting your motherboard or replacing it. I think that it ti probably the processor or motherboard. RAGE