Please help for socket370 / Slot1 adapter settings



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I have just bought a Soltek SL-02A++ adapter but I believe that setup principles are identical for all adapters (even if, of course, jumpers names vary).

1) There are jumpers to set "single/dual CPU (default)" or "Coppermine". What is correct for a CII 566. My reseller told me too use the default setting but it is the setting for a Celeron (not a CII).

2) Should the setting of these jumpers be different whether the CII 566 is overclocked or not ? ("default" at 66 Mhz and "coppermine" at 100 Mhz ?). I plan to try a 850 overclocking on my CII 566.

3) All the other jumpers can be left in there default position (I set the voltage from the BIOS) : Is it correct ?

Thank you very much for your experiences


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Set it to coppermine in both instances and see how things go. You may have to bump your voltage up a bit though.

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yes, use the 66MHz default FSB setting.You might want to set your default voltage to be a little higher thru the slocket for overclocking.I set mine at 1.6vc then move on up through the soft bios as I hit the 850 mark.Mine is there at 1.74vc.Seems to work fine.Good luck!

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