Planetside 2 set to break world FPS record tonight (24-01-2015)

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Its happening, the world record for 'Most Players Online in a single FPS battle' currently stands at 999 players, set in 2012 by a sandbox game called Man vs Machine (which really wasnt a game anyone would play, more like a tech test for the purpose of setting the record).

Day to day Planetside 2 already hosts over that number of players on a regular basis but without adjudication its just another day on Auraxis. Tonight the planetside battles team in conjunction with SOE have prepared a special server where we hope to see 1,100 players join and play on a single continent and have that officially adjudicated by the Guinness team and entered as the new world record.

More information can be found here

Sadly for latecomers wishing to participate all slots for the record attempt have been filled but gamers and anyone interested in the progress (and the game itself) can view the event on tonight from 10PM UTC.

Hope to see you there!!