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I have a Microstar MS-6163 ATX BX 13 motherboard with a Intel P3-450 with Intel's fan premounted from intel. 128meg 100 SDRAM and a ATI 16meg Rage 128 PCI video card.

How do I overclock this without blowing it up? ( I know enough to be dangerous to myself & computer)

The setting are all in the Bios for the CPU, voltage, speed, & frequency

I also have cpu temp. on the motherboard. what are the high limits for the cpu

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start increasing your bus speed from 100 mhz up. Fast enough ram will start to be a problem, and harddrive and other things don't like being clocked to fast. The magical number is 133 mhz bus. Good luck.

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I got it up to 522 on a aopen ax6bc, running at 118 Mhz. With my 'old' PII 350 i could run 133MHz easy, guess the PIII is not to happy with these settings, but i guess if you bump voltage a little it should run just fine. Shouldn't let the temp reach over 35C.


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Ron Bocken: Why 35C? My PII-350 has been running fine at a steady 57-58C. Am I slowly killing my CPU without realizing it?

PS OK, just realized maybe you meant system temp, not CPU temp, is that the case? My system temp is in the low 30's.

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i have a Giga-Byte BX-E , PIII450 ,128 PC100 Rams , SB live , 3com 3C905b-TX , Scsi Controller , Fritz Card PCI and a Viper 550 !!
and my PIII450 run in the 4 month @ 558 with 4.5*124 and 28 Grad Celsius !!!!! and i have no problems !!
the only thing i do , is to install 5 fans in my case , 1 on my Viper and 4 on my CPU !!!