PII/PIII overclocking, sounds too eazy.



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As far as I understand,
Change the bus speed to get higher speed.
I have PII 300mhz and PIII450mhz.
I will leave P3 for now, but I want to try overclocking PII 300mhz first.
Now, PII 300mhz with 4.5 clock multiplier, running on 66mhs FBS.
Mother board (Abit BX6)
and change the FBS to 100mhz resulting (4.5 x 100) 450mhz.
Put some good cooler on the CPU and DONE?

Sounds too simple, i must be missing something.......
Would that be same steps for P3 450mhz?

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Cooling is a simple thing to take care of. You may want to get a thermal probe when you start o/c. If is imperitive to check the temperature. Remember you are pushing 100 Mhz into 66 Mhz bus.

Another thing you should beware that you have to take care of the AGP bus speed. You may want to reduce the ratio to 2/3 which is in the bios setup. Failling to do so will damage your display card. The AGP bus must set at 66 Mhz all the time regardless of the cpu FSB. Try reading the articles from www.firingsqaud.com which are great on o/c and cooling. Good luck.


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Essentially that is it, but it may not work... The way that the chip co's tend to get their chips is they push them till they don't work, clock them back a bit and sell them as that. If it was stable, theoretically, they would want to sell them as the faster chips. However, since they can't test them all, some good ones are around (especially in the celery's).

Go up a little at a time. Try 75mhz, then 83, then 100. If you jump to 100 it may or may not work. You may have to up the voltage as well just slightly... Read around before doing it, you'll be happier you did


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MOST PII 300 will run fine without extra cooling.(a dual fan is good but not an absolute) It does depend on which PII300 chip that you have. If default voltage is 2.0V then you are in good shape. YES just set the FBS to 100MHz and the multiplier to 4.5 and the AGP to 2/3 (failure to do so will NOT hurt your card-- it may not boot but it WILL NOT damage your video card). Disable speed error and have at it. If you ram will run at 100MHz then all should go well. Some of the other FBS (83MHZ mostly) may cause problems with your hard drive and other pherp. The PII300 is an easy chip to overclock. If you feel bad about it send me the money that you would have paid Intel.

The PIII450 is just as easy to run at 558MHz simply by setting the FBS to 124MHz. The BX6 MB runs a little warmer but the chip will run fine wit the same settings if your ram will handle the front bus speed. While Intel claims the PIII will run up to 70C my experience shows lock-ups at around 55-56C. The BX6 comes with thermal probe that will show the temp of the CPU under Hardware Doctor or download "Motherboard Monitor". Some games will push the CPU and it may get to the temp that causes a lock up. I also suggest "Rain" as an idle program that will lower you CPU temp as much as 10C in normal use. It will not help when all of the processor power is required but is still a BIG help with no penalty. It also works well with the PII but does not seem to help much with the Celeron chips. GOOD LUCK