Physical Size of Voodoo3 PCI card



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I was thinking of tossing in a Voodoo3 2000 or 3000 into my girlfriends old Compaq. The max size card that can fit into the PCI slot is 8x4 inches. Doesn anyone know the physical size of these cards? I know the original voodoo was enormous, like 10 inches long or something.



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I'm on my computer at work right now so I can't crack it open to tell you (unless you're considering an old original Rage). But I do know that the Voodoo3 2K is substantially smaller than the old Voodoo2s. Just as a referenence I THINK that it's the exact same dimensions as a Monster MX300 since I have them mounted directly next to each other. That probably doesn't help you much, but it's better than nothing. I would think it would fit in most places.


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Thanks Pirate!

After digging around on Compaq's forum I think I found a couple cases where people have installed voodoo3s into the PC I'm thinking of upgrading.