Pentium III 450


Robert Baker

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Any problems with overclocking this at 500?
I just want a little more speed. Thank you.


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If you a retail unit and some good cooling you should be able to attain 504 (4.5*112) very easily, I would go for 526.5 (4.5*117) or 558 (4.5*124) You may have to set your ram to cas3 though.

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I have my PII-450 running at 558 MHz @ 2.2 volts.

Most PIII-450 will run at 581 MHz @ 2.0 volts, but you need EXCERLLENT cooling to do it safely.


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The easiest over clock is 558MHz with a FBS of 124Mhz if your RAM will make the trip. Set you AGP to 2/3 and disable speed error hold. You pherphials normally run better at the semi-std bus speed. Cooling even with the factory heat sink is adequate and the default voltage of 2.0V should work most times. The 450 normally runs warm but unless really push will not lock up on you.