Pentium-3 or Celeron? Which ones better to overclock?



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I know I post alot about oc, and questions
but I got one last question please.Ok, right now I have a P3-550E with 128megs or PC-100 ram. Included is a SDR GeForce, SB-Live, all on an Abit-BE6-2. Nice board if you ask me. Anyway, I wanna get faster with my cpu cause I can't really run out and buy a new cpu right now. So I wanna hit 700+ with my 550E. But theres a problem. My ram which is pc-100 has been to 118mhz fsb and is on cas-3. I don't think my ram will allow me to get to 700mhz or above. So would I lose out much if I sold my P3-550E and bought say a Celeron 566 or 600 because then I could clock the thing and the celerons have that 66mhz fsb right, so I could go all the way to 100mhz fsb and above and my ram would not complain. What you think? I could sell my ram but it would still cost me about 150canadian to get 133 even with the money I got if I sold my ram. I could clock my 550E to 700 and leave it but if my ram goes out the door in a few months Im up Sh*t creek cause I can't buy new stuff then. So Celeron or keep P3. I heard that if I clocked a celeron 566 to 850 it would be on par with a 700 or 750 in games, which is what I use my computer for anyways so that sounds good. What you all think? Thanks ***Note I do have a PEP-66 Alpha


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Intel will be cutting prices pretty hard on monday, you could possibly pick up a P3 700 for around $150 (US). @ 118FSB (not the best place for PCI/AGP speeds) you would be @ 825. And when you can save up for some PC 133 you could be in the 900 club.

Just a thought...


I'm assuming you haven't tried to get your ram up to 133 yet. I also have pc100, but can do pc125 at cas-3. I currently have it at 133 with my [email protected] I have no problems at all. I don't see why you would want to buy a celeron because of its cache size/speed. If going to 133mhz doesn't work out, just buy some more ram and bump that SOB to 733 and forget the celeron.


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A CeleronII [email protected] is on virtualy on par with a stock 700E.
The performance advantage of 133FSB for the Coppermine CPU's is a distinct advantage.
Your Gforce will hit fill rate with a celeron at 850 and PC100 mem anyway.
I have a [email protected] 950-1000mhz, but my advice is wait for the price cuts from Intel, then go for a Cb0 stepping PIIIE, around 700mhz mark.

You should hit the big G if you can invest in mem at a later date, but with a celeron, you will just limit your system to the slower 100mhz FSB.
Just that extra 33( and over )mhz of the me is yeilding some major performance gains.


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Dont buy a Celeron, I like Celerons, am on 1 now but their for budget systems, P-3 'E's are the way to go and are getting so cheap now, the performance is much better than a Celeron II in the long haul, This 533A seems to run much hotter than my [email protected], both using FDP-32 hs/fan & after about 20 min of UT it starts to lag quite a bit, where the P-3 keeps kickin ass & never quits.