Pentium 3 motherboard



I will buy a p3 450 ..and anyone here can help whit the motherboard?..

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For ATA 66 support and limited overclocking, go for an Abit BE6.

For only ATA 33 support but more FSB selection go with a Soyo Tek 6BA+III

If you are willing to wait a month or two Abit's BE6-2 will offer the same ATA 66 support for your HD and more FSB clocking speeds than any other MB currently.


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Whatever you do, Do NOT buy An Intel BX440 MB. They are good MB's, but in no way support any 'OCing. If you're just going to put it together and forget it, then it probably would'nt be a bad choice, but, if you want to play with it, forget it!

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Asus is always my first choice, but Abit is a good second. And no offense to Anand (who I sincerely respect) and all the common wisdom out there, but I say that's true even for overclockers.

The Abits are pretty solid boards though, and generally $20 or so cheaper. Soyo isn't bad, and frankly neither are half a dozen others, but I don't think they offer any compelling reason to buy. Abit tends to be just about as cheap as they come pricewise and close to the top in all other respects. For those who want the best though, Asus is just real hard to beat.

ATA/66 is a non-issue for the next year at least in the mainstream market. Only if they start putting multi-megabyte caches on harddrives will it mean anything at all. Why? The drives just aren't that fast and won't be any time soon. Drive transfer rates will essentially have to triple before they exceed the UDMA2 bandwidth.

On the other hand, just about everybody with a decent harddrive should run right out and get an ATA/66 cable now! I leave the reason for another day.

Anybody know why?

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