Pentium 100 Packard Bell drivers for video,modem&sound



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I have two (2) floppies that came with computer.One is for System Recovery.The other is for Multimedia. I also have three(3)
CD's that came with computer.Two are master CD's and the other is multimedia.Computer now has Windows 3.11 for Workgroups.If I upgrade to Windows 95 or 98 can I use the Master CD as the books says to reinstall the soundcard-modem drivers and the video drivers
and the other drivers for mouse keyboard,etc.?

I forgot to mention in the above that the computer now has Windows 3.11 for Workgroups.

The Packard Bell Model No. is PM 5990CDT.The Mfg.No. is 842127105.The Serial No. is L154012401.

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You will need to give us the Packard Hell model number or try a search on

Username Drivers

Password all

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If your current OS is Windows 3.11, the answer is NO.
Packard... is referring to you reinstalling Window 3.11 as the operating system.
You will have to locate the drivers for use of the operating system of your choice.

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