Pen Mouse Genius - inverted senses - what's the problem???


genius pen

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One of our Pen Mouses from Genius, after some months now just has inverted the senses of displacement, which means: left to right movement is now down to up on the screen and up to down is now right to left, and so on.

I tried everything, from uninstall and re-install the drivers to write to Genius guys - not so genius. They do not deliver any answer but to search for assistance, which they do not have on our country.

I'tried to install it on another computers, which runs other OS, like Windows 7 and Vista and it's still inverted against others from the same acquisition bunch which are normal.

I'm curious if some one other consumer have pass through this same problem or have any alternative and also if our other pen mouses will be collapsed soon too.

In general, polarized light is used to manage those type of mouses, so is possible that some sort of inversion of polarization may do such inversion of displacement senses and that may compromise those type of accessories. But the genius of Genius are not aware about.

Thank you for any very welcome bright idea.