PCIe & Intel 915 eats extra 5 watts



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from a letter to the Inquirer from Nik:
I want to bring to your attention a terrible problem that afflicts all notebooks with PCI Express graphics cards and the Intel 915 chipset: They consume about 5W more than comparable notebooks with Intel 855 and AGP and / or newer 915 based chipsets with integrated graphics. So a 915 based notebook (like my 4600) with X600 graphics card uses 22W on average, whereas the older 855 based ones with ATI 9700 use 17W or less. On average. Thus, the battery life is much worse of the newer notebooks. My new TravelMate 4600 lasts 2.5 hours max, whereas my old TM 803 easily makes it past 4 hours. Joerg Wirtgen from German computer mag c't is researching the issue and has a lot of hard testing data available.


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Yeah this has be known for a while, though I must say I am suprised at the difference and frankly a bit sceptical.

From what I heard there is about half an hour of difference, when proper tests are done. Of course if X600 runs at full speed it will consume more power then say intgrated solution or MR9600SE, or for that matter MR9000 which can be found in old TM803.
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