PCI soundcards & overclocking bus



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This is a relatively new situation, do PCI sound cards run stable enough on overclocked busses? New socket 7 MBs have a 1/3 divider to bring the PCI speed back to 33MHz, but when cranking up the bus to 112Mhz, 120Mhz, 124Mhz & 133Mhz, can these new PCI sound cards survive ? I'm guessing that they are more sensitive to overclocking than video cards... Any experiences ?



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Try it, if it doesnt work or you get bad sound, drop the bus speed back down.

From what i have heard so far, they are no more suseptable to problems than any other card on an overclocked pci bus. The main problem is heat. Pci cards will run really hot when overclocked. If you have any free isa bus slots, I suggest you get an isa dual fan card. Also make sure you have a good fan on your power supply, and a fan in the front of your case as well as a fan on your cpu's heat sink. A drive cooler helps too. You can also add a 486 cooling fan to almost any video card to help cool it down. This will help it out alot. You can never have too many fans! Heck while your at it why dont you cut a hole in the side of your case (with vents on the other side) and mount an electric fan from a car rad to it as well!! Or heck spend 500bucks and get an active refridgeration unit for your case!!!!! jk

Sorry, I got a little carried away!