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I have a celeron 300a o/c to 450. It has been quite stable for some time now. I bumped the FSB up to 100 and set the multiplier appropriately. I never changed the settings related to the PCI or AGP bus speeds. I have read some of the message boards which say you have to scale back these settings. Granted, don't have any hardware that uses AGP but was wondering if the hardware I have plugged into the PCI slots will suffer. Also, do I have to worry about the hard disk or ISA slots??? Thanks!


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I very much doubt your system would be running if you still had the 1/2 PCI divider setting as it would be 50mhz(ouch). The PCI bus want's to run as close to 33mhz as possible and AGP (if you have a card) as close to 66mhz. You can get it a bit higher with the right hardware.

You can see that everything is based around a 66mhz fsb so you just need to use the appropriate divider. At 100fsb 1/3 PCI and 2/3 AGP which your bios has probably done automaticaly.

Do have a look at the post "overclocking Disaster" by B.Kidd, on this forum as it is possible to get it wrong and damage things, always check.....BladeRunner


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Most motherboards automatically switch from 1/2 to 1/3 PCI devider (1/1 to 2/3 AGP) at around 95 MHz. 100 mhz @ 1/3 PCI is exactly what all your PCI stuff was built for.

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