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Hi friends,

I'm really excited to take part in the Massachusetts Technical Meet featuring hands-on experiments, research lab activities and interactive exhibits. I'm flying to Massachusetts on the coming Monday. I have prepared a project to present and it requires a few circuit board works in the finishing stage. I dream to bag the first prize for it.

I was very passionate and eager about working with electronic components from my childhood itself. And, that's the reason why I chose electronic engineering as my branch of study at the University of Toronto.

Now, I need technical support in completing the circuit board design. I had a small research and found a few companies providing PCB manufacturing services in Toronto. Did anyone use their service before? I require your suggestions and recommendations!

Thank you in advance!
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If you don't buy a bulk of board be ready to pay a lot more money to get it.
Back in school I used Ocrad to design boards, you have to make the circuit and tell it all the part numbers.
Then it would lay out the board physical for you, and you can move some electric component around where you want them.
The Softaware would draw the circuit board and we send the file to the company to make them. I don't remeber what the name was, but it came back to around 100$ for about 40 student to get the boards and a few for the staff. Quality is pretty standards around all manufacturer depending on how they make the board, like printing engraving or chemical burns. That was like 15 years ago, I'm sure today they have perfected it a lot.