pc100 @ 150mhz



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PC-100 will not even come close to 150... At best, if you have good quality dimms you might get 133. But most quality 8ns dimms are good for about 125Mhz... good luck

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how would I know if I was pusshing it too far... no post, crashes, something like the wife over cooked dinner.


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When I tried 133 with my PC100 memory, the computer case melted a hole through the floor, fell into the basement and killed my dog. I had to get a new dog.


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more than likely you wont fry your memory, your system will just freeze or you will get a memory error.. And most of the time if you freeze up its not because your memory can run that high of bus speed, The primary down fall tends to be harddisks, agp and pci cards... The highest success I have had with my current set up is as fallow:

k6-2 450 runnaing at 448
EPox MVP3C mobo
128mb of sdram (pc-100)8ns cas3(set at cas 2 in bios)
seagate 8.5gig hd, UDMA66
ATI All in Wonder Pro 128 AGP 2x

Large sink/fan
3'' case fan at bottom front of case
3'' brushless blower setting directly under case fan, blowing onto chip and under mobo
Waterfall pro..
no goop yet, but I'm gonna try it

I am fairly happy with my cpu temp at my current system settings. 28.c at idle, 38.c under a full load. I want to run it at 504, but temp does become a problem here.. It has never crashed on me here with a temp of 58.c, but anything over 40.c I dont like..So I guess I've got somemore tweeking to do...

remember***Cooler Is Better***