PC to PC game (How to play ?)



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I would like to know how I can play a game with my brother (both on a LAN-network, T3-connenction), while he is at his house and I'm at mine ?

I use a PIII 500MHz with a TNT2 Ultra 32MB graphics card. My OS is 98 2nd ed.

My brother uses a PII 350MHz with a TNT 16MB graphics card. His OS is also 98 2nd ed.

We want to play C&C Tiberian Sun.

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One of you has to set up a non-dedicated server tell the other the IP- (and maybe port-) number, who then can connect as a client to that server.

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maybe if you would provide some more details like computer configurations...which game, then maybe we could help you more.

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One of you has to be the server so you will need to know the IP address. In win98, go to Start, Run and type in winipcfg. This will give you your IP address. You said you were running on a T3 so this address should never change.

Like I said one of you has to be the server, so there should be a command to Create Game under the multiplayer settings. For internet play, you would want to create a TCP/IP game. Once running, the other person should Join Game and enter the IP address of the server.