PC HDMI card needed



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Hi Folks

Having recently bought a 46 inch Sony LCD, I'm trying to interface my PC with it via HDMI over ethernet (UTP point to point not IP). I can find info relating to video cards that support DVI and HDMI but I'm not sure if the cards carry 5.1 audio data as HDMI is supposed to.

I seem to be getting more confused as I go on particularly with HDMI standards (curently version 1.3) but my findings so far are:-

I need HDMI output from the PC
I need to convert the HDMI signal to utlise UTP cable (I've found a (expensive) device that will do it but I'm open to suggestions)
I need to convert back to HDMI from UTP at the TV some 25 meters away in another room.



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he isnt looking for a 75ft hdmi cable. it sounds like he is trying to send that signal over the network, then convert back to hdmi from there. i didnt even know one could do such a thing, though it doesnt look much cheaper then the real cable itself... http://www.avovercat5.com/products/hdmi.htm


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Thanks guys

The latest is I went into my local comp store and asked the nice man if any of the graphics folks made a card that suppoprted HDMI. The answer was yes but not the sound component. If that's the case then it would breach HDMI standard which I doubt.

So the plot thickens, If you can buy a graphics card which supports HDMI how do they embed the 5.1 sound component. Over the PCI bus from the sound card maybe??

equinoxe3d. That looks like a great solution and one which I'll probably go with but I still have to get a PC card with full HDMI wizzardry. Sounds like I'm treading on new ground here.