PC audio playback problems



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I am having problems with the audio playback on my PC that affects Windows Media Player and Skype.

When playing back music files on my PC, the playback drops alternate notes or syllables if talking on Skype. The result is that on Skype you cannot understand what the other party is saying. With music playback, its stop and start all the time!

My PC setup is:
Dual core 3.0 GHz Pentium CPU
2 GB RAM memory 533 MHz DDR-2
NVidia 6800 graphics card
2 x 250 GB SATA hard disks in Raid 1
Integrated SB Audigy HD Audio
Altec Lansing FX 6021 speakers

I would appreciate any assistance anybody can offer to resolve this problem.


If applicable,
Install current chipset drivers,
Remove and reinstall DirectX and audio chip drivers...


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Thanks Shinma. I accidentally found the solution when I had no sound output at all and had to delete the Microsoft WDM driver and reboot. The PC then came back and automatically installed the missing audio driver and, lo and behold, my problems had gone.

Thanks for your help. :)