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Hi community,

I have been googling about PassPoint to help a client get over some issues they were having with their system.
Most of the posts lead me here to HardwareCentral and most active in replying is Sir Flannel.

The system had a few error messages popping on the keypad as well as inside the event viewer of PassPoint Plus.
Off memory since I am writing this off-site now:

Those were not causing any system malfunctions as far as I could tell, and PassPoint Plus was able to connect
via direct wire to the system.

There had been an incident that lead me to try and reset the system (taking the battery offline and then removing power) which
after it came back online (only did that to MLB) left the software side not working anymore. The PC was connected to the MLB
when it was powered down.

I reset the PC, and it still couldn't connect. Just getting a generic error message to check MLB is powered on, cable is connected and that the IDs match.
What is the best way to go about troubleshooting this situation?

Your feedback is appreciated guys.


NB: the incident mentioned was resolved at the end by replacing a blown-fu~27v. to the DCM to the relays.
Sir Flannel

Sir Flannel

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Sorry it took so long to see this. Vista fail is listed as a failure to connect to a Vista alarm panel. That's a standalone security alarm also made by (then) Ademco (now) Honeywell. Connecting them would allow the user to arm and disarm security using the card readers, and monitor the status of a door on the access system as if it were connected to the security system, among other things. The Com Mod fail is a failure to connect to one or more modules. To connect to a security system, it needed a Vista Gateway Module. It's possible the security system was replaced and the module removed or disconnected. Or the VGM has failed, which will no longer allow comm to the security panel. As far as troubleshooting, find the VGM, it looks like this:

If you need I can find some install literature, and I'll post the Pass Point User's guide. Basically, there will be one connection to the two wire data bus for the Pass Point system, and the other connection will go to the alarm system keypad bus (there should be wiring diagrams for each system inside the metal can they're mounted in) Hope that helps

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