PassPoint Express issue



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Hello all,

I am new to this group, but still hope someone can help me on this issue.

We have a XP machine that controls Ademco PassPoint Express v1.12. However, the machine crashed while PassPoint Interface was on. After we hook up the other machine and restore data from backup (copy and paste to the installation directory), we receive the following error message when we launch the program:

Index is out of date
Table C:\Program Files\Ademco\Passpoint Plus\Data\Cards.DB

When we are in the interface and try to click connect to database, the other error message pops up:

Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset.

If our understanding is correct, we believe the card database is corrupted though existing card holders still can access to the office. We just cannot add/remove/modify card.

We would like to know if there is any solution for this scenario. Any advice or suggestion is highly appreciated.