parts for Tecra 9000



Just got this from a client of my company for free. Chassis/case + mainboard. No memory, drives, etc. Powers on (good battery) and screen works, so I figure may as well get some parts and get it running. Are hard drives universal as far as notebooks go? I'm about to take the hard disk from my HP laptop and toss it in the Tecra, then go from there. Is it difficult to operate on notebooks (I'm very familiar with taking apart PC's)?


You may find the hard drive pretty generic. Often, though, they sit in a caddy, and that is not generic. Getting to the hard drive is usually very easy, though.

Laptops are not easy to work on, because they have lots of hidden catches, etc., that can make them frustrating to get into. The Tecra is a good business machine, though, and there ought to be lots of info on it. Have you looked at the link here about disassembly guides to see if there is one for yours?