Panasonic 20x Big5 changer--what's up?



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I'm looking to upgrade my Panny Big5 10x to either the 12x sq-tc512n (if I must) or the 20x sq-tc520n (preferred).

The 12x is cheaper refurb, has all those awards and is listed on Panasonic's web site. But it's not much of an upgrade for me.

The 20x is not listed on Panny's site, is cheaper (new) than a new 12x, and is often listed with wrong product info on vendors' sites (this seems to be because the wrong info is being sent out; it's not only the wrong info, it's the *same* wrong info--about half the time it's actually the info for the 12x). It's making me nervous, but it's the speed I want...

Does anybody know what the problem with the 520n is (other than the Intel hard disk controller conflict listed on Panny's site, which has a fix)? Or, is there a single drive letter utility that will work on a Nakamichi changer?