Palm VII Review



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I think this was a rigged review - this is the first time I have seen a Palm VII review with a high rating. I don't think the person who did the review has looked at other options, or knows what they are talking about. Palm VII = Proprietary, you can only view things on - ONLY - not good. You also have to develop your app in a special format, and most likely redesign it, unlike OnmiSky or Verizon with a minibrowser like Proxiware or AvantGo - which simply renders the already created HTML. App is already done. Yes you do have memory restrictions - but haven't you heard of Moores Law? This applies to connection speed as well. Once you create your app in a PROPRIETARY format, you have to PAY Palm.Net to host it on their site, and only Palm VII devices can see your app. Proprietary device (not even to PalmOS - its for the PAlm VIII only), Proprietary development platform, and proprietary service with restricted user base based on the device itself. Way to go Palm VII! (note sarcasm)
Get a Palm Vx with a Minstrel Modem - 19.2K access (will be 56K by years end), un;limited content - its the INTERNET, and you can develop for the web with the palm design in mind - no reason to retrain anyone.

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