P3 - How hot is your CPU ?



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I just create a new machine based in P3 550Mhz not overclocked so far and with the standard fan the temperature is 56C.

The mobo is BE6-II, and the default temperature monitor alarm range start with 65C and shutdown the machine with 70C.

On the other hand I'm reading 35C should be the "normal" one.

I got confused. How should be the "normal" temperature for a P3 chip ?

(by the way I'm monitoring the temperature of my TNT2U board and I have the same number: 54 to 56C).

Thanks for sharing.


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cumine here [email protected]

27-31 web surfin
41-44c 3d gaming
using alpha pal6035

v6600 id card 56 idle 61 gaming O/Ced
not sure what a katami runs at i think thats what u got right?


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I have a cumine 600.. and OC'd to 828MHz on a BE6-II it's @ 42c with Intel HS/Fan. I use cpuidle too to help bring it down to 24c.

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Hey Marco! I got the same situation, with Abit BE6-II and P3-600. Hwdoctor, (the Winbond utility) sets the default temp range between 65c and 70c. My alarm would sound -if I had the utility open- because my temps would be as high as 78c. I removed the thermal sensor from the cpu heatsink, and the utility still reported 60c in open air where the ambient temp was about 24c. So maybe a bad thermal sensor, or maybe Winbond is useless!! But one other thing,
Bios also reports about the same high temps!


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On my BE6-II, I have a P3 [email protected] Also at 640 but I get slight picture corruption when viewing asf/avi/mpg and dualhead. Temp is 40-42C regardless of what I'm doing--reported by both bios and MBM. Using an alpha P3125 with a duct to expel the hot air.


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P3 [email protected]
regular 42C
gaming 45C
When i tried oc to 600 It freeze and not work so i wonder if increase vcore voltage will help it run over 600 mhz????
Will it increase heat ??
But it run good up to 585 mhz.


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Man, you have low temperatures. So, I will need a better fan ... that means, I should break all that shield stuff arround the P3 !!

Deakon, I use the same as Hazbin mention here (hwdoctor for windond chip - that cames with the board itself)

Hazbin, I got myself the same questions you have and I concluded (may be I'm wrong) that P3 has internally a thermal sensor (that BE6-II can read), the BE6-II has a fixed board thermal sensor (for environmental temperature) and BE6-II comes with an extra sensor (in a 30 cm wire) you can use whatever you want. I'm using this 3rd one to monitor my graphics card.
So, this gives me with 3 thermal sensors, being 2 of them I can not modify.
Hazbin, I think you should look at the CPU monitor item in the winbond utility and leave the 3rd sensor unused for a while.

Another point that makes me wonder:
The fan that cames with P3, has maximum speed as 4441 RPM, but looking at the fan speed, even at this high temperature (55C), the fan is only 50% the time at maximum speed. It should be at 4441 RPM all the time !!

Also, should you think that a CPU at 25C will perform significantly better than a CPU at 55C ? (in 3DMark2000 for example ...)

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I have a Athlon 500. I use Motherboard Monitor (MBM), room temp. 24 C. The monitor states that the temp. is 22 C(idle) and 24 while playing Q3. Aren't these really low values? Is the program wrong? Can't chech temp. in BIOS?


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Diesel-BoB, in my case, I don't think it is the room temperature, but the air temperature somewhere in the surface of the mobo. It will depend of course the room temperature and the overall cooling of your case.
In my case, this temperature is 34C, and besides I'm in Brazil, summer season, I'm sure the outside temperature is not 34C, should be arround 24~25C. So, there are 10C more arround my mobo (HDs, PCIs board, etc).
My case is always open (because all the time I close it, I need to open it again!), but I'm seriouly considering install a fan in the case and keep it closed.

Using my finger tip as a temperature sensor, I can easily sense the temperature of my TNT2U graphics card is almost untouchable after some time - the same 55C.

What should be your outside temperature ?
Do you see this 10C more compared you outside temperature ?
Can you touch your CPU to "feel" the temperature ?

I think 22C is too low. I'm having a difficult time trying to understand how you guys have so low temperature ...

Thanks for sharing


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I'm curious about several things re CPU temperature. One is that on my system the CPU temp I though I was monitoring did not drop using RAIN 2.0 even though some don't believe it actually works.

I use Sandra and Winbond Hardware Doctor 2.10 but I don't seem to get the correct CPU temperature. The model of Asus slotket that I'm using does pass the CPU temp to the BE6 but something strange is going on.

Hardware Doctor shows two temps: Cable and System but on the Configuration screen these are called RT2 and CPU. So from that I thought it was showing the CPU temp but RAIN 2.0 did not cause that one to drop.

When I remove the cable sensor Hardware Doctor no longer shows a temp for Cable, which is correct but now the CPU temp in BIOS suddenly becomes N/A. The other temp in the BIOS is called System which I presume is the Windbond chip on the motherboard, which seems to be the same temp as the one Hardware Doctor calls System on its main screen.

With the cable sensor connected to the BE6 MBM 4.13 shows the temp from this cable as being from Winbond 1 and the reading agrees with that shown by Hardware Doctor. MBM shows the second temp as being from Winbond 2 and this is the one I've set for CpuIdle to kick in at 37 C.

But I don't really believe MBM either because it raised the alarm for +5v (set for +/- 10%) and said it was 3.44 but it displays 5.03v as does Hardware Doctor. Also, CpuIdle says the curent temp is -1 C.

So, If I want an accurate CPU reading what can I do? I'm not going to put the thermal probe between the slug and heatsink in the thermal compound as some have suggested.

My system:
Windows 98SE 128Mb RAM
BE6 300a @450 on an ASUS 370D slotket
LeadTek S320-II Ultra
SB Live
ZIP 100Mb IDE1 master
IBM 6.4Gb 5400rpm IDE2 master
CD-ROM 32x IDE2 slave
IBM 13.6Gb DJNA-371350 7200rpm ATA-66 IDE3


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Marcio, the best that I can determine is that my BE6-II has an onboard sensor somewhere to monitor ambient temp (which reports a beleiveable 27c), and just uses the wire probe to monitor CPU temp with Winbond and Bios. I removed the probe cooled it to about freezing temp with a little component cooler (the spray stuff that comes in a can) and my temps in Bios and Winbond dropped instantly. But heres the strangest thing, the initial reading when connected to the heat sink was 78c, and it dropped to only 53c when frozen! I beleive I am going to try another wire sensor in case this one is bad, other than that just have to ignore these rediclous temp readings.


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¥~ DEAKON ~¥

i use MBM4 to monitor temps it put the temp right next to your clock..tells u current,lowest,highest and avg temps..also monitors your voltage so u can see if your P/S is holding up good if u have stability problems sometime due to voltage..

u can get it here MBM4_clickhere


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Thanks Hardware911

Motherboard Monitor (MBM4) versus Winbond Hardware Doctor (HWDoctor) in BE6-II

MBM4 can associate 6 inputs (for Winbond chip they are Winbond 1, 2, 3, P2 thermal diode 1, 2, 3) to 3 software controllers (sensor 1, 2, 3).

The 6 inputs are presumibly attached to real thermal sensors, but in my case, there are only 3 thermal sensors available, so, the other 3 MBM4 inputs are meaning less.

The problem is to find what are the good ones and the bad ones and to what phisical objects the inputs came from.

Again, in my case, I have found that:

MBM4 Winbond1 is the same as HWDoctor System2 that is the input from the thermal cable connect to TSYS2.
MBM4 Winbond3 is the same as HWDoctor System1 that is the input from the case temperature (somewhere in the mobo surface I guess).
MBM4 Winbond2 - P2 thermal diode is the as HWDoctor CPU that is the input that came from the P3 CPU.

If I use any other MBM4 input I will receive a meaning less input value like 78C or 175C and the alarm will not turn off.

I also discovered some minor conflict between MBM4 and HWDoctor, for example, with both utilities on, the fan input in HWDoctor is meaning less.

Also, in my case, the MBM4 help must change the meaning of Winbond 1 to 3.

So, some digging is necessary to access the correct inputs, but MBM4 is great.

"MBM4 help about sensors:

Winbond 1
If you have 1 of the 3 Winbond chips (W83781D, W83782D or W83783S) then this will show you (most of the time) the case temperature.

Winbond 3
If you have 1 of the 3 Winbond chips (W83781D, W83782D or W83783S) and you have a sensor attached to this connection then it will show that temperature. Some motherboard comes with a sensor attached, some don't.

Winbond 2 P2 thermal diode
If you have 1 of the 3 Winbond chips (W83781D, W83782D or W83783S) and your P2/P3 chips has a therminal diode and your motherboard supports this and the diode is connected to this sensor of your chip then this will show you the CPU temperature"

Thanks for sharing