P2 300Mhz at 2.8v default?!?



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Ok...i have an Abit BX6, P2 300Mhz 128 ram and when i got put my computer all together the Default was at 2.8?!? Is it suppose to use that kind of voltage? i tried to lower the voltage to 2.6 and still works fine, but any lower and it wouldn't even boot up. What can it mean? Is this the voltage for older P2's? Also...what is the highest voltage you can probably put on the P2?


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That's really high! Your Pentium II 300 is probably still based on the old 0.35 micron core... the Klamath series. If you can lower the voltage than do so. The lower the better... less heat.

The Pentium II 300's I have the 0.25 micron core... the Deschutes series. They run at 2.0 volts. Look on the top of the chip! Mine indicates SL2YK and SL2W8. I carefully selected these chips and went on a collection spree. Anyway, I run them all overclocked at 450 @ 2.0 volts. They're all at this speed!

Good Luck!

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Hey Toolbox....you know the multiplier is locked...how high can u go with the multiplier?? i can get 75Mhz @ 4.5 and 100Mhz @ 3.5....is it me or i only can set the multiplier at a certain rate at each BUS speed??