P2 300 to 400 doesn't boot up?



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I have a Abit BX-6 motherboard and i o/c from 300 to 400 on 100Mhz Bus and it wouldnt even boot up. i upped the voltage from 2.8 to 2.9...should i go higher with the voltage?
Should disable the turbo frequncy? I also have 66Mhz SDram but when i o/c to 350Mhz on 100Mhz bus with Turbo frequency it works fine though. Any suggestions?


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1st if you have the right PII 300 the multiplier is locked at 4.5 If you run a FBS of 100MHz then you will have a PII 450. Most PII will run fine at 2.0V - the max should be 2.2V. If you have one of the old PII then overclocking is almost a waste of time. It will be easy if you set the multiplier at 4.5 and the FBS at 100mhz. Disable speed error hold and set ACP at 2/3 Your ram will prob be the problem if you do not have PC100. When you choose 100MHz and 4.5 the turbo frequency will not be an option that you can change.