Overheating on [email protected]???



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Go to www.amd.com/
And look for yourself about the core voltage !!!
or e-mail those guys at the EPOX mobo manufacters, they r fast and very helpfull...

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Epox MVP3G has to the best thing Ive done. Goes like a dream. Used to have a GA-5AA, unending problems with TNT2 and finally killed my K62 400 cpu when a cable hit the fan, cant happen with this M/B Ive set it to shut down if fan speed gets too low or CPU temp too high. Definately worth considering.


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the processor specifically says 2.2v on it...so that can't be it...i think...well i've had better success with the removal of the 66mhz chip after all. seems it was causing the page faults and crap after all!!! boy don't i feel dumb....but i did add a case fan to pull in air, and a fan that fits in the 5.25 drive slot pulling in air. also reseated processor and added thermal paste....still got to burn it in for a bit though to make sure its no prob. oh the mobo i got is a gigabyte not epox...would epox still bother?


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Well actually there are 2 types of k6/2
the old cores used 2.4v and the new cores use 2.2v
ok so you have a new core which can also take more o/c stress