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I got problems.

I have a Prophet 3D ddr/dvi. I was TRYING to play QIII today, but it would freeze 3 minutes into the game or so. Its not overclocked, i am using 3.77 drivers, i was playing fine yesterday. I am, however, running WindowsME...Its rock solid, this is the first time it really crashed. I've been using it for close to 2 weeks now, robooting only twice. I tried rebooting several times, but the problem still happens.

Could this be an overheat problem?


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Don't think the Guillemots can read the temp. There's a simple way to find out - open your case, and place a small house fan, or whatever you can get your hands on near the video card. If it stops crashing, then Id say it's safe to assume that heat is your problem.

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