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Hey guys. How do you overclock a computer?I have a Emachine 366i2. Its a Celeron proccessor. If I overclock it do I lose any type of performance? Also will the cooling fans be able to handle it?

Someone Please answer this.



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Overclocking is done by increasing the FSB (front side bus) and cpu multiplier. This results in higher MHz for your processor and better performance.

Most o/c'd systems use m/b from Asus, Abit, Soyo, exc. These boards lets you change the FSB, multiplier, exc. from the bios instead of jumpers or dip switches on the m/b.

The Emachines dont have the bios option or m/b switches. I did notice some jumpers on the m/b of a 400i that mentioned something about bios. Maybe by changing these you could get a advanced bios screen for o/c'ng.

Good luck.

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Well the actual point of overclocking is getting better performance out of your processor and the entire machine in general.

You'll need to get better cooling for your processor in order to overvclock efficiently. You already have a Celeron 366... those are good chips to overclock. Can you open it up and look at the batch number? It should have 5 variable like this for example:


If you have those variables exactly, spending an extra $ 30 for a cooling rig you will easily get 550 MHz out of your processor.