Overclocking with RAID. Too Risky??



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Hey all,

I just bought two 80Gb Sata drives. I was going to put them in a RAID-0 (i have a third 80GB harddrive for any important backups).

I dont HAVE to overclock my computer (see sig) but I cant help pushing my barton to the 2Ghz mark. Just HOW unstable is a raid in a overclocked PC? Anyone out there tried it?


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That is an nForce2 board right? If so, you should not have any corruption issues since the PCI divider is locked.

Even if it wasn't, I used to run my 2 Maxtors in RAID 0 on an Abit KT7-R overclocked 24/7 and never had an issue. I would not be afraid to do it at all, but remeber to back up religously! I have always backed up and never really lost anything important. I currently keep an 80GB external USB drive for back up storage of important files plus burn CDR's of the drives contents. Redundant back up.....

You should be fine....