Overclocking??? Read this...its a succes story..


Pascal Dautzenberg

New Member
Some weeks a go i wanted to upgrade my good old pI200mmx @225MHZ(fsb75) to a faster system..I stripped the net 4 all info on overclocking..And I bought a Abit BH6 jumperless mobo with a celeron 400 mendo.MMX.
I read the info on core voltages etc. etc.
But my system runs stable 6x 91 MHZ (=546 MHZ) with a core voltage of 2.05 volts the
temp of my processor never exceeds 29 C celsius in a room temp. of 20 C cels.
Even my OLD memory SDRAM-on 66 MHZ runs stable at 91 MHZ..
With the sandrasoft 99 benchmarks I get an overall perfomance increasement of 29% from
switching from 400 @ 546 MHZ proc.freq.
I thought this was never posibble but i tried it and it works fine..
My system exceeds pentiumII 450 MHZ performance with 20%....and that at a price
of 190 $.....
My tip don´t be afraid of the dark....
just try it it can save your money...