Overclocking program



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anybody know where i can get a o/c'ing program.

i have a v3 2k. and i have a case fan, would i need extra cooling, if i clock it to around 155-160



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maybe u can find it at www.reactorcritical.com..

how much u have to cool it depends on how much u want to oc it..
at higher speed it creates more heat so it needs more cooling.. as simple as that

if u don't do that your card gets unstable and crashed a lot !

so if u consider oc-ing make sure u have a descent cooling in your system

Necessary Evil

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I used it to oc my vid voodo 3 2000 to 170..works great. Im getting tons of emails asking me where the link is..I dont know..Im not on my home pc and i dont have the link memorized...th eweb page has drivers for all video cards and tons of games as well as oc utilities and benchmark programs.....can someone pleas post the link so these guys can get what they want...I cant respond to all the emails!!1


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have you guys seen a significant increase in performance (FPS) from o/c? I have a Voodoo3 2000 AGP and interested in doing it but Im afraid, I already damaged a cheap PCI video card by running it at 39MHz PCI.


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Nemesis2000, check this for OC'ing program/tweaking your V3: http://www.voodoofiles.com/news.asp

NECESSARY EVIL, same question as Bandit22:
do you REALLY get SIGNIFICANT DIFF after OC'ing when running heavy games (Q3A, UT, etc) ? I'm not talk about fps-benchmarking, I don't believe such b-marking fps numbers.

Look at my system: V3 2K, No OC, 64MB. Q3A run a little (just a little!) stuttered, even when I'm walking ALONE (no enemies!). I realize this is because my HD is very-2 busy.
Increasing my RAM to 128mb really satisfy me. No stuttered walking again. 3 enemies came, evrything looks smooth. So, BANDIT, just think again before overclocking V3. Try adding some memory if you have some spare money. It really worth.