OverClocking PIII650 to 806



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did anybody got the 806MHz or higher on PIII-650E ? if yes could you post what kinda memory and vga and stuff you got in the box
for some reason i can't get to 806 the max i got is 793MHz and its 100% stable.
But when i go hight the motherboard start acting crazy .. sometimes i lose the info in the bios also without changing a damn thing.


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What mobo are you using??
There is one chipset based mobo that will theritically do a P3 [email protected], [email protected] and a [email protected], and that is the Via Pro 133/133A.

This chipset support 1/2x AGP divider and will have that 'good' 4x AGP on the 133A too.

The SDRAM will run at FSB, FSB + PCI or FSB - PCI speed. This means that PC133 will run at 133mhz with the FSB running at 100mhz!!!

Check this out:

A P3 500E running at 160mhz FSB with the PC133 running at FSB - PCI at 120mhz.
The result?
A P3 500E running at 800mhz with full speed cache!!!! Just assume that the yield of P3 Coppermine are so good(it is isn't it??)

This babe can match or even beat an Athlon 800mhz at very good price.

OK, but if that does not happen so, it will still be running most likely at 600++ which is of cause a very good deal also, but not as good as the 800mhz.

Well, just make sure that the Pro 133/133A does support Coppermine.

Rev 3 and above of the Trinity 400 from Tyan will support it, but not earlier one.

Happy Y2K!!!!!


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Hmm, Am Using Soyo-6BA-IV that uses the BX
My memory is PC133 (KTI) very nice memory am sure thats not the problems coz i want it to run at 124/31PCI 82MHz/AGP
i did try the iWILL Motherboard it uses the VIA PRO 133 but i still get the same weird problems at booting the computer and i did the extra volting thing also
but check this one out ..
""" the CPU Changing the BIOS SETUP """ can you believe that !?!!!!!!!!!!!!
why/how the hell does that happened
i boot with 2 CD-ROM's installed and when i get to windows there is none or i'll lose my NIC card configration or stuff like that.
anyway thanx i'll give the VIA another try maybe new one ..