overclocking PIII450



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is it possible to OC the old PIIIs? my brother is running them and is thinking of upgrading or overclocking. here's his specs

  • dual PIII450's
  • Supermicro mobo (don't remeber which one, but its got onboard SCSI, BX chipset)
  • SC750A
  • yamaha 6x burner
  • plextor scsi cd-drive
  • V3 30000
  • TV tuner
  • kds 17" monitor
  • ibm deskstar 20 gig (ata66)
  • segate 6.4 gig
  • WD 9 gig Caviar
  • Promise ata100 controler
  • 3com ethernet

if he decides to OC, he'll get a new mobo to OC, and run this system bare bones as a file or game server. What you guys think is the best option?


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Old p3's tend to top out around 600mhz, so you may be able to squeeze a hundred or so Mhz extra out of each of those p3's with any luck.


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I have a piii450
ATX133 motherboard version: vt82c686a
running 150/5x and getting 504 mhz.
140/4.5 only gets me 464mhz.
to get more than 504 you may have to up the volts. I have not tried..keep me posted on your findings. good luck.<FONT>