overclocking p3 500 with diamond viper tnt HELP



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i need help overclocking my p3 500. here is some more info....
System Information:
System chip set Intel 440BX AGPset
Data bus width 64 bits
Address bus width 32 bits
DMA channels seven
Interrupt levels 15
System BIOS chip 4 Mb (512 KB)
System clock 100 MHz (matches external processor speed)
Diskette/communications ports 48 MHz from the system clock... there arn't that many jumpers on my motherboard.. its a dell motherboard. if someone could msg me on icq and help me i'd be soo happy. my icq number is 48075155.. i have all the info on my motherboard and stuff but it doesnt say how to change multipliers and stuff. PLEEEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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heres a hint that i've read about
you have to switch a jumper on the mobo in order to unlock all the options in the bios.
i dont know if this applies to your mobo but it was just a thought so you might want to check your manual for this.